Next Regular Meeting

7 PM Thurs, April 11th 2012 @Albany Airport Hotel, Latham (ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE HESS GAS STATION)

946 New Loudon Rd (Rte 9) Latham, NY

Questions: (518) 433-7377

We open with “Problem Solving” where we work to solve a member’s problem.
Next is “Speak Up” where each person has an opportunity to give a 30-second announcement, complaint, suggestion, commercial, anything as long as it’s no more than 30-seconds long.
15-minute refreshment break that follows provides an opportunity to network with people that speak “Landlording” as a second language.
Presentations, (of not more than half hour each), are next.

CDARPO How-To Workshop:
Tenant Directory
Landlord Paperwork
Joining Yahoo! Groups
Bring your Lap Top!!