Next Regular Meeting

7 PM Thurs, December 10th  @Best Western
1 4th St, Troy, NY 12180

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Questions: (518) 433-7377

We open with “Problem Solving” where we work to solve a member’s problem.
Next is “Speak Up” where each person has an opportunity to give a 30-second announcement, complaint, suggestion, commercial, anything as long as it’s no more than 30-seconds long.
15-minute refreshment break that follows provides an opportunity to network with people that speak “Landlording” as a second language.
Presentations, (of not more than half hour each), are next.

Featured Speakers:

Kate Kowalski, transitional client advocate for St. Paul’s Center , an emergency homeless shelter for families in Rensselaer County. Kate runs the Bridges Program, which works with families on locating and securing housing while providing case management to the families for a year once they move into their apartments. The Bridges Program is unique in that Kate conducts home visits with each family for the duration of the year to provide in-home support. She also works with landlords and property managers to create an open flow of communication – for example, if there is an issue with one of the tenants (her clients), she works with both the landlord and the tenant to find a solution.