One of my tenants broke a key off in the lock. What can I do besides calling a locksmith; they want quite a bit of money for a house call
Mac Answers:
Yes, unfortunately all tradesmen these days have huge overhead and they can no longer afford to give you a break on small simple jobs.
It costs the plumber money to change a washer because his help, truck, insurance, utilities, and worker’s comp are way up. You can
a)Get a the local handyman or
b) do it yourself.
Since you are a landlord, I suggest, you try it yourself. Make sure the key is in the upright position. Squirt some lubricant into the lock.
take an old coping saw blade, break off the end that holds it into the saw handle. Insert the saw blade into the key hole over the key with the saw teeth facing down.
Wiggle the saw blade until it goes in a little ways, gently and slowly pull the blade out and the key remains should come with it. Be prepared with a pair of needle nose pliers, to grab the key fragment as soon as there is enough to get a grip on. Use another key to see if the lock functions properly.
If the lock doesn’t work well, replace the cylinder or the next key will break off also.