This past month I have gotten quite a few calls, however most are out of my pay grade. They concern unpaid rent and evictions. Legal questions at any rate, not concerned with building maintenance. I would suggest calling your State Senator or Representative. They should answer you since these are State mandates.

The other calls are largely duplicates of recently answered questions. I asked two of those if they had read recent newsletters and they turned out not to be members! I answered their questions, only after I strongly suggested that they REJOIN CDARPO!!

These concerned gutters, drains, minor electrical work, and others recently covered in previous issues.

Anyway, here are some happy homeowner style hints that might save you some time and aggravation:

Delmar laments decorated bathtub. She says, using words I can’t print in our PC newsletter, How do I get these #%%&&??!!$$ ** decals off my tub? They are worn, ugly and anyway not my taste!

Mac says: Set your hair dryer on high, let it blow on the decals when they soften, peel them off. Use WD 40 on the residue. Be sure to wash off the WD 40 with a good dish detergent. You do not want your new tenants to slip and fall on their a**es !

Here are a few more cleaning hints made necessary by tenants moving out.

Obviously, no one likes to clean anymore based on what I am hearing these days.

Tenant ran out of post it notes and wrote right on the refrigerator!! In magic marker no less. What to do? Mac says: Easy one, rubbing alcohol & paper towels.

Next one: Coffee & Tea stain rings on the Formica countertop. A couple of things could work. Start with a paste of baking soda & water, rub hard and rinse. If that does not work, (USE GLOVES) take some bleach, soak paper towels, put over the stains, cover with more towels soaked in water and leave overnight. Rinse.

Colonie has one I have not heard about in a long time: I rent an expensive executive suite which is furnished.

Obviously, I get a hefty security deposit. The person had a cat, contrary to the rules. I told her I would not return any of it until I find out what it will will cost to get cat hair off the drapes and upholstered furniture. Using a vacuum has not been good enough.

Use a bunch of fresh (not used) dryer sheets. It may surprise you how well they work. It will take a while, however.

See you in September. Let us hope all our current problems are gone by then.