Our first problem comes from another new landlord. It is her first problem (Let’s hope they are all this easy).
My tenant moved out unexpectedly due to a legit family emergency and left the apt. fairly clean.
With one BIG exception. The broiler pan in the stove looks like she burned toxic waste for a year. Burned grease a half inch thick. I tried chipping it out with a putty knife and did not have much luck at all. Oven cleaner did very little to help. What suggestions can you offer? Please don’t say: “Buy a new one” I tried and I can’t find one that will fit.

Mac says: Line the broiler pan with several layers of paper towel. Pour a couple of cups of straight ammonia in to the pan. Put the pan, taking care not to breathe the fumes or spill the ammonia, into a plastic bag and fasten it tightly. Let it sit over night and then try cleaning it again. Give me a call if it does not work and I will do some more research.