My exterminator, Recon Pest Elimination Service, has notified me that bed bugs are a growing problem in the Capital District.  Even retail/furniture businesses are reporting to him with problems.  Roaches, bedbugs, fleas and lice usually attached themselves to an item and then are carried unknowingly to a new site, a tenant’s apartment.  It is important that a lease have language about insect infestation and who pays if discovered.  However I have found that regular service with a company is the best protection.  Most of my units are serviced monthly and if a tenant notifies me of  problem, we adjust the type of treatment a unit/building receives.  Bedbugs are hard to find without the proper equipment.  They hid in electrical outlets, in crevices, and inside the furniture.  Unless you know exactly what the insect looks like and you can identify their feces (yes they leave feces behind as an indication of their presence) you should consult a professional.