Tis the season… The season for ice, snow, frozen pipes, slip and fall accidents etc etc… I will devote most of this column to those items since I have gotten several calls on just a few subjects.

Check steep steps; make sure they have non-skid pads, sisal carpeting, or keep them salted and make sure your railings are secure and high enough to meet code. In the city of Albany you are responsible to clean the sidewalks in front of your house.

Check to make sure that there are no icicles ready to fall off where people walk or where you park your car. Large icicles can do lots of damage to cars and harm to people especially children who like to pull on them or hit them with brooms or shovels.

Make sure your drains are not blocked with frozen leaves or debris, it can cause back ups when the rain comes. We are due this month according to the long-range forecast.

If your furnace or boiler has not been tuned up, have it done, the cold weather is not over and just because it is working ok now, it could still give you trouble. This is especially true of the oil burning ones.