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A good time had by all…

At our Annual Dinner and Installation Meeting CDARPO members had a ball. Managing to temporarily lay our burdens down, laughter could be heard from every corner of the room. I was astonished to find out that some of our more stone faced members had teeth. Joseph Van Alphen and Robert Newberry were awarded for their exemplary efforts both past and present (Photos to the left). Our ad hoc committee did a fantastic job bringing all of the evening’s elements together. They dared to do something different and difficult with great success. We are looking for volunteers willing to help conceptualize and plan our summer outing and our next winter event.

The party is over for now. It is more important than ever for lurkers to step up and serve in some capacity. CDARPO needs members to help identify informative speakers, solicitors, and advertisers. Alex and Taylor Buell, our dynamic duo, have stepped up and agreed to distribute our electronic newsletter. This single act touches the lives of nearly 90% of our readership and can be done from the comfort of their own home. We also could use the well-spoken among us to represent the organization us with local legislators. Additionally, someone to simply enter the occasional new member into our data base would help out more than you know.

Terrance Wansley

CDARPO President