April 2013 Newsletter

March Speaker Review

CDARPO had the good fortune to have two great speakers at our March meeting. Michael Guidice from the Albany Land Bank (which was voted down in January) spoke about Land Banks in general and the benefits they could provide to the community. He raised awareness about the issue and our members are now more informed. Michael also assured us that although the measure was voted down, all is not lost. Mike has agreed to keep me informed of any new developments in regards to the Land Bank and any plans to deal with vacant properties and foreclosures. I’ll be keeping our membership up to date through our newsletter.

Our second speak was Greg Phillips, Commercial Loan Officer with the First National Bank of Scotia. Greg provided the group with valuable information about what the bank looks for when making a commercial loan. Many of our members own multiple properties or multi-unit properties with more than 4 units that don’t qualify for conventional loans.