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President’s Letter  February 2012

And So It Begins…
On the evening of January 26th there was a hush that usually accompanies a fresh blanket of snow.  However, there was no hush inside the Crossgates Banquet Hall.  Over 60 CDARPO members were gathered for the Annual Dinner Meeting and Installation of Officers.  I arrived early, but not earlier than Joe Van Alphen who was busy cutting and arranging those nametags that we all love. During the cocktail hour, Bob McRae, our immediate past President, leaned over to me and advised, “This is your last chance to run.”  I considered it briefly but concluded that I would have probably fallen in the parking lot due to the aforementioned snow.

There were a lot of interesting conversations, socializing, hand shaking and a few hugs.  Older Landlords were schooling the younger ones and visa versa.  Several people joined our organization right on the spot.  A good time was had by all.

Our speakers were fantastic!  Our first speaker was Michael Fraser, Deputy Director of Public Information for the City of Troy.  Mr. Fraser shared that the new Administration of Mayor Rosamilia is one that is open to input and continued participation from well established and respected organizations like CDARPO.  Letting no grass grow under his (our) feet, Ray Koloski has already stepped up and will represent CDARPO on an upcoming vacant buildings forum sponsored by the City of Troy. Our next speaker was Albany Police Chief Steven Krokoff, who was accompanied by Assistant Chief Brendan Cox.  Chief Krokoff rightfully challenged us as Landlords to be responsible in tenant selection and good stewards of the neighborhoods where our properties are located.  Chief Krokoff also extended an invitation for CDARPO to work with him to create the kind of good and just society that we all want to live and work in.  His invitation has been ccepted.
The Board Members have decided to take on several “initiatives” this year in an effort to better the quality of life for our membership and the tenants that we serve.  The first initiative is called “TENANTS COUNT”.

CDARPO has pledged to encourage our tenants to register to vote.  Together, we house thousands of tenants, many of whom are not yet registered to vote.  We plan to share information regarding legislative issues that impact their cost and quality of life.  We want to vigorously encourage our tenants to exercise their right to vote.  Our efforts are in no way partisan in nature. We want only to encourage our tenants to participate in civic activities and become self-conscious agents who want to actively seek a better life.

Please attend our meeting on 02/09/12.  We will discuss this matter and distribute voter registration forms to each Landlord so that you and your tenants