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President’s Letter January 2012

Terrance Wansley

“Humbled and Challenged”

It is with a great deal of humility that I embark on this journey as President of CDARPO. I thank all those who have been supportive in this process. A special thanks to outgoing President Bob McRae. I know that I can never replace him. I only hope to be able to provide some semblance of the steady and effective leadership that he has provided to this organization for the past three years.

I also would like to salute all of the other members of the election slate, many of whom are returning Board Members. These intrepid souls have willingly sacrificed time from their families and daily lives to make sure that the goals and objectives of CDARPO are carried out. I am confident that the Board of Directors, and an active and engaged membership will prevail in the face of any situation that may arise.

It is my hope that through the contemplation, formulation and implementation of several key initiatives we can accomplish the following:

1. Maintain our core values with a concentration on mutual aid, education and shared information

2. Increase our organization’s membership and member benefits

3. Encourage membership participation in both internal and external activities

4. Enhance the bonds between CDARPO, community groups, and municipalities in the Capital Region.

I am very enthusiastic about several technical, organizational, and quality of life projects already underway. Every member will be asked to help make our organization a success. A simple donation of one hour of your time, once a week, can be a huge contribution to our overall success.