June 2012 Newsletter

No Justice, No Peace!
Many of us have heard the above words as they have been sounded from street corners and social battle fields throughout the world. This was the call of the American Civil Rights Movement, the simultaneous struggle for freedom against colonialism on the continents of South America and Africa, and most recently the valiant battles against oppression in Western Asia mistakenly referred to as the Middle East. Being a bootleg and undocumented psychologist, I often wondered how it was that these words, of all words spoken in protest, have become to be so widely adapted by so many cultures.

Upon further analysis, I realized that the phrase “No Justice, No Peace” is unanimously approved by all peoples because of its simplicity and purity of thought. Should one person, or an entity, who perpetrates injustice enjoy the reward of peace? I think not. Righteousness mandates that one who would cause havoc by day be cursed to sleep with one eye open by night.

Likewise, is struggle and agitation not a natural response for those who find themselves under the heel of an oppressive person or system? The calm, tranquility, and inactivity that are synonymous with peace are luxuries that cannot be sought by the besieged until victory is won.

During the past 6 months, the CDARPO Board of Directors and other key volunteers have not slept nor slumbered. CDARPO has provided the most comprehensive lineup of educational speakers in recent memory. The month of June will be no exception. Additionally, many have worked long hours to increase our ability to communicate and assist each other utilizing the most current internet technology available. The “Tenants Count” voter initiative has been responsible for the registration and education of hundreds of new voters in the Capital Region. Our Legislative Committee has been vocal and at the forefront of developments in our area.

To spread the word and show our pride, CDARPO gear, hats and shirts, have already been approved and are on their way and will be available for purchase. What have you done? With your help we can achieve so much more.

As we look toward the summer months and an organizational pause, please take a portion of this time to think about how you can assist in our struggle in the fall. Until then, I along with the entire CDARPO Board wish for you and your loved ones a safe, happy, and healthy summer season. As it truly is a byproduct of justice, order, and harmony, most of all, I wish you peace. –Terrance Wansley, President