2012 May Newsletter

President’s Message

Struggle is therapeutic.
As a member of the Board of Directors of CDARPO, I spend a large portion of my time putting out small “personal fires” for our membership. Their fires flare up in the form of emergency repairs, financial challenges, regulatory compliance, document preparation, and the always popular Tenants Gone Wild (TGW). I along with the other board members try to provide sound assistance and appropriate referrals, while at the same time lifting the sagging spirits of the member who feels that he or she is under siege.

In February, the front page of our newsletter was dedicated to the efforts of Ray Koloski as he worked with the new Mayoral administration and community-based groups to breathe life back into sections of Troy in need of resuscitation. More recently Nick Mattiello, Bob Newberry, and Joe Van Alphen worked successfully to provide applicants with the ability to pay dues, or purchase CDARPO items online, with a credit card or PayPal account with just a few simple clicks. Emily Calabrese has worked non-stop to ensure that all communities are treated fairly relative to the permit parking system enacted in Albany. Maria Eastwood has taken on numerous assignments outside of the narrow parameters of her office listed in our by-laws.

I can speak personally about the great feeling that one has when they declare, “OK. It’s my turn to step up.” There is invariably a sense of hope and possibility that comes over you as you
draw a line and resolve that you are going to do something to better your situation this time. Win or lose, the struggle that is subsequently initiated has an empowering and therapeutic effect.

The fight is enhanced when you have like-minded, well-informed people willing to help you in any way that they can. That is what CDARPO can do for you, if you would give it an honest try.

Recently, the majority of our members were accurately described as subscribers. Subscribers look to take what they find of value from a given entity without any feeling of obligation to contribute. This must change, if we, the responsible rental property owners of the capital District, are to thrive.

EVERYONE can help CDARPO and in turn get some of our brand of “feel good.” Each member can solicit at least one advertisement from a vendor, contractor, handyman, great restaurant, or supplier that you already do business with. Each member can submit one article that contains an important lesson learned during your journey as a landlord. A single paragraph about a repair or proper lease documentation can change the life of a fellow member and the families that we serve.

CDARPO is now asking that members upload photos of a property, renovation, kitchen, bath, or a well-manicured lawn that they are especially proud of. Once enough photos are obtained, our new website will feature a scrolling banner where we can strut our collective stuff..

Congratulations to Betty Ann Benware who at the April membership meeting was unanimously elected to the Board of Directors. Betty Ann has since attended, and contributed impressively, at her first board meeting. Rumor has it that she has begun to smile for no apparent reason, and is almost giddy with the joy that fighting back brings. Don’t be a subscriber. Do your small part to enhance this organization and your community and you will feel better as well.
–Terrance Wansley, President