The City of Albany Parking Permit Ordinance was passed on, Monday, April 16 by the Albany Common Council without the street designations being included. Street designations are not finalized and will be adopted later via a resolution.

During the past year, CDARPO has been attending meetings and offering suggestions to the Permit Parking Task Force in Albany. We were the Landlord’s voice ensuring we were treated equally under the system, although we may not live in our buildings located in the target area. The Ordinance being created needed to state we were granted the right to purchase parking permits because we are the property owners; the wording has been changed to allow for a Business/Property Owner Parking Permit at a cost of $25/vehicle. We have also expressed our concerns that this new system will create problems for non-designated streets in the target areas, as well as other areas not included in the permit system; this is a common concern among many – including several Albany Common Council Members.

This will affect designated streets in Center Square, Hudson Park, Washington Park, Park South, the Mansion Neighborhood, the Pastures and the Tenbroeck Triangle area. Permit hours are 8 AM – 6 PM on weekdays, except holidays, along any designated street.

Landlords will be able to buy permits to park on the designated streets. The permits will be sold by Zone (A, B or C). If you have property in more than one zone, you will have to buy a permit for each zone and permits are also vehicle specific.

The implementation date has not been finalized. It will take several months to create the signage, and permits, etc. involved with implementation of the parking permit system.

A copy of the final ordinance will be posted to the CDARPO Yahoo Site, if you would like to read the details. When an implementation date is announced and when the final map of designated streets is available, that will also be posted to the CDARPO Yahoo Site.

As the implementation date draws near, it is recommended that all landlords make their tenants aware of the new system and direct them to the Albany City Clerk for purchase of a permit at a cost of $25/vehicle.
— Emily Calabrese, ABR, SFR