Owning in Troy has been great! The city is welcoming to landlords and our experience in the last five years have been nothing but positive. It is a gem in the Capital Region. Like the TV show Cheers everybody knows your name.


2140 5th Ave. in Troy was built in 1897 as a one family two-story brick building and was owned by the Donnelly family who operated a spirits store on River St. and supplied the church wines. It now is a 6 family. It consists of one studio and the others are one bedrooms. It is part of a four building compound with a courtyard, which we own. There are 4 fireplaces, slate, marble and beautiful 10 ft. high tin ceilings. The foyer and stairwell have treated slate that mimics marble. We have an upstairs apartment there and have wonderful tenants made up of grad students & doctoral candidates from RPI and professionals.


– Beth Anne Hughes