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Our members are a diverse group; ranging from commercial property owners managing multiple buildings and units to new landlords with a unit or two who are just learning the ropes. We are an organization committed to helping one another to be the best landlords that we can be. We strive to be leader of our communities and set an example for landlords-to-be in our cities. When I joined CDARPO, I was excited about the opportunity to learn from my peers. My experience so far has been nothing short of welcoming and informative. Now that I’ve entrenched myself deeper within the organization by taking on the challenge of becoming the Newsletter editor I’m excited about the opportunity to help us grow our membership and strengthen our presence in the capital region. This is a task that all members must bear. We should wear our membership as a badge of honor. If you know another Landlord who is not a CDARPO member, you should be asking them “Why Not?” By not being a member you pass up valuable information and a strong network of people just like you who have solutions to the same problems that you face. So spread the word about CDARPO and be proud of what you have!

– Nicholas Mattiello

CDARPO Newsletter Editor