In the past few years CDARPO has made a big push to get our name out in the community and not be automatically linked to the words “slum lord or absentee owner (with a bad connotation)”.

As many politicians,community members and neighbors have gotten to know our more vocal members – they have learned we have many of the SAME CONCERNS for the community as they do & we can also spot unhealthy situations as they are being discussed/proposed for our neighborhoods – that others never even thought of.  By attending these meetings and voicing our concerns we have been able to shoot down many WONDERFUL IDEAS that were on the table – that were NOT SO WONDERFUL from the LL’s standpoint or even for the neighborhoods long term & “tweek” others into a more user friendly format.

I’m always amazed when I meet people that have this “negative LL stereotype” in their head – we talk – discuss our ideas & then they find out I’m a LL. How could I possibly have similar thoughts as them & want the best for the neighborhood like them?   It is really a shame how some LLs have created & supported this negative stereotype – unfortunately I have buildings next to some of them !…….. I feel just like the rest of my neighbors – if you wouldn’t put that tenant in a house you LIVE IN – don’t put him next to one of my properties……..!

This is an on going battle to stay one step ahead of the municipalities and even private entities that jeopardize our livelihood.  They want to pass laws or put thru projects that will line their pockets or be favorable to certain groups/entities – but perhaps have a detrimental long term effect on the neighborhood – therefore, jeopardizing our investments, increasing our operating costs, etc..

I would encourage all CDARPO Members to get involved in their neighborhood associations (in Albany there are many) – they are usually the 1st to KNOW WHAT IS PROPOSED……  “Hudson Park” is one such organization (they are very active), Mansion Neighborhood, Pine Hills, Washington Park, Park South, Delaware Avenue – to my knowledge are also very active associations.  Everyone that comes into these neighborhoods wants the ‘’BLESSING” of their neighborhood association when they go before the BZA or Planning Board with their project proposals – therefore, these associations are usually their 1st stop when they come into Albany.